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Default Re: If You Could Choose Three People to Rule The World

Thomas Jefferson, Genghis Khan, Dalai Lama


Solomon, Umar Ibn Al Khattab, Jesus

Third STring (this is Plan C for when u feel angry and fed up with humanity )

Kim Jong IL, Idi Amin, Milosevic

Mind, Body, and Spirit.

One hell bent on world domination and a brilliant military tactician. He covers the aggression and inspires athletes and warriors to do their best. Leads the USMC and Spetsnaz. Listens closely to Frederick the Great, Von Clausewitz, Caesar, and imagines a world where PLANET EARTH reigns supreme in the universe against those gosh darn alienz! Utilizes tactics from all around the world to unify against any oppression. Uses the Zulu's enveloping techniques, Kasparov's chess tacticians and draws parallels between a 2-1-2 zone defense and intimidation and domination from the Animal Kingdom, strengthening/empowering people from all of Life's petty troubles while connecting everybody through a strong sense of Brotherhood/ healthy competition. UFC fights will be promoted from all around the world.

One an intellectual versatile man but not too Ivory Tower-y and enough to appeal to the people. HE'z more of a "go out and read" type guy and has a bit of a William Jennings Bryan power to the people streak to him rather than a gay socially inept Elitist vibe which is the biggest turn off from those with 150+ IQ's. This is where all the scientists, engineers, philosophizers, political theorists, economoists, and Bilderberg scoundrels gather to get sh!t done. This is where retards like Bernanke get hanged and replaced by people intent on humanity's intellectual progress.

One a mediating force with kindness and love and empathy. This is where the humanitarians and the community leaders gather. This is where all the kumbayah and the meditation and the beautiful gardens and the ecosystems and all the happy dogs and all the loving rituals and ceremonies and the mirthy good wine and laughter frolick.

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