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Default Re: Anyone ever watch The Shield?

Originally Posted by guy
Shane killing himself and his whole family was pretty shocking. Maybe Shane killing himself wasn't that crazy, but killing his family was completely unnecessary and selfish, especially killing his son. All just so the kid isn't put in foster homes? ****ed up.
The phone call from Vic put him over the edge.

I was extremely surprised that Vick wasn't loyal to Ronnie to the very end. I understood taking the deal to save his family, and while I understood how he felt the need to finally confess all of his sins to someone, I would've never thought he would've done that if it meant screwing over Ronnie. I would've thought he would've lied or leave Ronnie's name out of it.
I obviously am over analyzing, but I don't think it's necessarily a death sentence for Ronnie. There is NO way any police department would ever publicize that kind of corruption, especially when it comes to light that the main orchestrator not only got off scot free, but got a promotion. I don't see a trial or him going to prison. Dismissed quietly is my guess.

Anyway, I liked the series for most of its run but (not coincidentally) like Sons of Anarchy, it just got too ridiculous. The characters became totally unsympathetic.
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