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Default Re: "Antoni and the missing "D"

Originally Posted by DKLaker
NBA is moving away from the Big Man's game and it is a terrible mistake. A team with the right bigs (Tough & Skilled), running an old school post up offense would still dominate the league, in fact it would be easy. I mentioned in another thread that the Lakers won a championship while averaging 114 points per game.....yet only made 8, 3 pointers the entire season. You don't have to jack up crazy 3's to score big. I think Stern has ruined the game by encouraging this dumb style of basketball. An old school coach like Phil, Pop, Adelman or Sloan would dominate the league with this current Lakers roster if healthy. No frills, no crazy 3's and no crap ball.

I don't really think the NBA is moving away from the big man's game. I think there's just a lack of great big men which has forced some teams to do so. If we look around the league at the top teams, they still have excellent big men. Even if some are limited offensively, they still lock up the paint. I think you have to have a team that has a really good creator at some position, and then you need to have a good big man. Nobody is going to win it on their own. It takes a balance of players. My problem is building around a SG is crazy, unless it's a guy like Kobe or Michael.
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