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Default Re: Atheism vs. Theism

Originally Posted by Legend of Josh
Atheism is like the world's newest and coolest religion. It's not some fad or anything like that, but it is something that a lot of younger people are finding highly entertaining, and for some really nerdy social misfits they find likewise atheists (especially on the 'net, in fact ISH is a hotbed for these nerdy social misfits) ... and to some degree, it helps them feel "accepted" like they're a part of something. Something important. Something that is rare, uncommon and involves "free thinkers" and those of higher intelligence than these, closed-minded, moronic *believers* ... you feel like this is your calling. You feel like atheism is where you "fit in"

This might be true to some degree. But you also have to acknowledge that this is the first time in recent history that atheists are actually able to come out. How many people have been atheists in the past but have had to keep it a secret? The numbers aren't just growing because it is popular, they are also growing because they simply can. Fear of being ostracized is decreasing, however that isn't true for everywhere.
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