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Default Re: Atheism vs. Theism

Originally Posted by Legend of Josh
I agree with you. But, it wasn't like atheists were being hunted like witches and burned at the stake either.

Well they have been. And they are to this day. It is actually still illegal in some countries to be an atheist, and if you are found out you can be sentenced to death or imprisonment. In fact it is kind of insulting to say that they haven't been persecuted in any way. In the same way it would be insulting to flat out deny that any person or group of people have been persecuted.

Also, and this is just my opinion, I feel like the poles have shifted to your very point. It's almost as if you're a believer, you're automatically labeled an idiot. Unable to think for yourself. Brainwashed. Maybe back in the day atheists were heavily mocked and ridiculed, but today, wouldn't you agree it seems almost the opposite, especially when talking about young adults, and even young teenagers.

I think it really just comes down to where you are. If I attended a Christian school or fundamentalist church I would expect some mocking and name calling (at least in some places - not all) - and if I were still a child or even teenager I would probably hide my atheism. Also in American politics it is very unlikely an open atheist will for the near future be able to become president.

Are there dumb as shit believers out there? Yes, most certainly. However, I think it's a bit unfair for a typical average atheist these days (especially the younger newly enlightened type) to label any and all believers as dumbasses, etc. without really having a solid understanding of the whole God debate thing. Many atheists are very quick to pull the trigger and insult a religious person (ESPECIALLY a Christian) without any real merit behind it.

People change. I was far more arrogant and vocal when I was younger. This happens in all groups though. Although I do have to say that I have encountered religious people calling out atheists for attacking them when all they've really tried to do is challenge their belief system. The believer might not like it, and they have the right to be offended, but just because they are offended doesn't make them right. If they tried to leave the conversation/debate and the atheist kept harassing them then I would say that is an attack. But if it is in the confines of the discussion then it is not.

While there are many religious people who think/feel they're intellectual superior to non-believers, there are certainly WAY MORE atheists who feel they're the ones who are mentally superior, and that believers are WAY MORE mentally inferior. Like a rabbit v. turtle race comparison level. Religious people don't go around mocking atheists 24/7 365, but we know atheists do. I'm not saying ALL religious or ALL atheists, I'm just saying on average.

I can't agree or disagree with that. I honestly don't know how to find that out. Either way I'm not bothered. If someone wants to try and flaunt their imagined superiority then they probably have other issues they need to deal with.

The part I really don't get... is why Christianity is attacked so fiercely? Why do atheists hate Jesus Christ so much? Let's suppose JC never even lived. Let's suppose there is no God, etc ... why exactly are so many atheists just THAT ragingly mad at Christ? I mean, I'm talking real hardcore insults, jokes, mockery. I've always found that interesting and enigmatic.

I think many atheists hate Jesus Christ more than say a Hitler, Stalin or even Judus haha. Why?

I can't speak for all atheists, but not a lot of them don't hate Jesus at all because they don't believe he existed - or he at least isn't who the bible portrays him to be. Again is Christianity being attacked or is it being challenged? Remember this is a belief system that right now has a very strong influence over society. Most atheists are secularists, and that is where there motivation for challenging Christianity comes from. If Christianity were in a vacuum and people were able to believe it without it influencing other people then no one would care. Believe what you want. The problem is that it does influence our laws and politics.
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