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Default Re: Absolute Smartest People on InsideHoops

I haven't been on this site long enough to fully assess someone's intelligence. You have to define what intelligence really is. Intelligence, to me, does not mean someone can regurgitate information; sure some people might know a lot of things, but that does not make them smart especially when a quick google search can bring up any information, so a guy like KevinNYC should be quickly eliminated. I won't hate on KevNYC too much though because he did write a conspiracy satire that I thought was creative, but other than that one moment of intellect, he's pretty stupid overall.

I would say a guy like Pauk is intelligent; he has the ability to elaborate and convey his thoughts in long elaborate paragraphs. You can add that kid Sourpatchkid, Rake and JMT, y'know, guys who have the ability to put thoughts into words a lot better than most people who are usually verbally handicapped and can only stick to one liners. I think that is a gift and something that many people can't do, heck, some people in here can't even read more than one line (and are happy to admit so), so you know they are automatically dumb as f*ck.

I don't like guys who have a thesaurus handy to try to sound smart because conceptual thinking (the ability to understand the whole idea) is a lot higher level of thinking than merely using big words. Sometimes people might sound smart because they use fancy "mysterious" vocabularies but they tend to miss the conceptual meaning because they get too wind up with trying to sound smart. The truly smart guys are the ones who use simple words but the idea is big.

I also like that "aha" moment where a person says something you have never heard before; Myth, Iamgine, MillerTime and Nanners have done it a couple of times, but for the most part, they haven't done it enough for me to consider them full blown intelligent, but the fact they are the few who did it for me gives me a level of respect for them although I might not agree with them and actually think Myth is a douche and Iamgine is a closet homosexual.

And really, guys with too much green bars are usually stupid because they can't convey their opinions with honesty. They are trying too hard to be with the "in crowd" and I think that hampers their intellectual capacity.

Overall though, there are more dumb posters in here than smart ones: guys like Nathanjizzle and others spring to mind. They have this ghetto gene in them that makes them ghetto minded and usually this mindset means a lack of education. They speak only from emotions and can't express their thoughts in a coherent intellectual way.

I like to use vulgar language to elicit an emotional response from them as the start of their premise. Usually when they speak from emotions they can't think with logic and they fall for it everytime, so it's fairly easy to find flaws in their argument. Sad thing is they are too stupid to figure it out and actually get mad and their last resort is to cry to the mods without ever realizing what the fallacy in their argument started with. Haha.

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