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Default Re: Django Unchained: Big Dissapointment.

Personally, I find the casting to be horrendous: I think Quentin tried too hard to cast Waltz he had to work around the whole foreign thingy. It is a Western; it should be strictly an American cowboy if he really wanted to pay homage. He should of had Leo play that role.

I think Leo did a great job playing Candie, but he just didn't fit that role. He's too young for a plantation owner and most of the movies he's in, he's always been the good guy, so it felt out of place seeing him as a bad guy, almost as bad as seeing Keanu Reeves in the Watcher. Sure he pulled it off with some slick acting skills, but with the proper role (Waltz's character for example), he would be in the running for an oscar. They could stick with the American angle and not some "foreigner who happens to be a bounty hunter in America" (which didn't make a lot of sense since we've never heard of America importing bounty hunters from other countries). It would of been more suitable if we saw an older actor like Tommy Lee Jones or Gary Sinise. I think they could of pulled the "evil" angle better because of just who they are and what the viewer would expect from them.

Sam. Jackson absolutely stole the show; I think that was the best acting I've seen him done. I'm surprise no one is talking about Kerri Washington; I thought she did a great job too.

The worst character was easily Foxx. He's so bad he couldn't even pull off a slave accent. It looks like he's practicing the role as they were shooting the movie because he got better in the second half. I think with that many star power they should of went with a solid unknown actor who can work an accent. It would of made more sense since Django's character was not significant until Schultz died, and this unknown actor (who nobody paid much attention to at the beginning) rises up, steals the show, and ends with a bang, which could make him the next big thing in hollywood.

Another negative I thought was how forced things were. The N word was just forced. My white GF was just laughing her a*ses off because she couldn't believe it was so openly out there while a few black guys near us were cringing. Of course, later on they were jerking it to a few scenes right after the cringe.

Overall, I think white people loved it because they can say the N word without fear of retribution and black people loved it for the scenes where they can jerk off to. I think that was what Quentin was truly aiming for: controversary

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