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Default Re: Atheism vs. Theism

Originally Posted by PistonsFan#21
So...i asked you to tell me more more about how they WITNESSED it. not some explanation they try to come up with.
There isn't some atemporal scientist out there, just watching things unfold. No one can personally witness past events. That doesn't mean that we can't examine evidence, and understand what happened. Do you reject the existence of the world prior to your earliest memory? Do you reject the existence of anything that you don't personally witness?

and even in that big bang theory link it says:

''Although generally accepted as the model for the origin and evolution of the universe, the Big Bang theory is not complete. For example, it does not explain what caused the initial expansion or why galaxies formed.''
So? We don't know what it was like before the big bang, or what caused the big bang. That doesn't falsify observational evidence of the big bang. Knowing that it happened ≠ Knowing what caused it ≠ Knowing what preceded it.
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