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Default Re: Atheism vs. Theism

Originally Posted by miller-time
The distinguishing difference is that it is based on empirical evidence. Observations can be repeated and experiments can be performed. We can disprove the big bang theory. At least we know the facts the theory is based on exist.

And I don't know of anyone that worships the big bang theory? If new evidence comes along people will discard the idea.

This is true. But that is the problem. There were numerous times scientists came up with a theory and then changed it later on to something different. And might change it again sometime in the future. There is nothing set in stones.

Yes the experiences can be repeated and all that but it doesnt mean that just because they can repeat it its necessarily the cause of the creation of the universe. There might be some other causes that they have yet to discover or simply cant understand.

To me its all about belief and faith
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