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Default Re: Question about homosexuality

Originally Posted by Myth
It is important to distinguish the idea of being gay and being secure with your sexuality. Based on comments I've seen you make I do not think you are gay, but you are not very secure with yourself either. If you have defend yourself as much as you are, then you are not terribly secure with your sexuality.

I think you are a feministic sympathizer. Guys like you are the reason why they invented abercrombie and fitch. You want real men to be more feminine to fit in your mold of thinking of what a real man is. Back in the 50s, a movie like Brokeback would of been boycotted by the vast majority of the male population and all of them had wives and girlfriends and none of them would ever consider lubing it up with another male companion.

There is a reason why more kids of this generation are turning out to be homosexuals than any other generation before them.

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