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Default Re: Django Unchained: Big Dissapointment.

Originally Posted by IamRAMBO24
The worst character was easily Foxx. He's so bad he couldn't even pull off a slave accent. It looks like he's practicing the role as they were shooting the movie because he got better in the second half. I think with that many star power they should of went with a solid unknown actor who can work an accent. It would of made more sense since Django's character was not significant until Schultz died, and this unknown actor (who nobody paid much attention to at the beginning) rises up, steals the show, and ends with a bang, which could make him the next big thing in hollywood.

I'm not sure how Tarantino filmed this movie, but most directors film out of order. If Tarantino did film out of order as most directors do, then that wouldn't explain Foxx's acting getting better over time. That makes me think that the differences in Foxx over time were intentional character development of Foxx and Tarantino.
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