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Default Re: The return of Sonny Weems

Originally Posted by gabepizza
I'm saying there is a reason why Llull is scared of coming to the NBA. If a back-up NBA pg like Farmer can stuff his 3 point attempt like that, imagine if he came to the NBA and played against NBA level starting pgs? He would struggle just to get his shot off.

And once again, Llull is way more athletic than Farmar is. Llull isn't the best play maker around, and not very good basketball IQ, but one thing is for damn sure - he is an absolute freak athlete. Jordan Farmar is certainly very athletic, but he's not anywhere on Llull's level. Llull is a total beat of an athlete.

He would have zero worry about "being scared" of anyone in the NBA due to athletic issues. The guy is a tremendous athlete.

And once again, Jordan Farmar didn't block Llull. He blocked Sergio Rodriguez. It's fascinating that you can't figure this out, considering you claim to be a New York Knicks fan, and that this same player, Sergio Rodriguez, played for the New York Knicks.

One more thing genius. You claim to be a big NBA fan.....yet you don't even know that his name is spelled Farmar, not "Farmer". The guy was in the rotation of 2 NBA championship teams. A "big NBA fan" would know how to spell the name of a quite well known NBA player like Farmar.

Besides, Farmar was a 6th man in the NBA. So you are even trying to distort that, by just calling him a "backup", implying he was some bench scrub that never played more than 8-12 minutes a game.

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