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Default Re: No thread on JJ Abhrams doing the new Star Wars trilogy?

Mark Hamil would do well in an Obi Wan role for the next movie... Grand master of a rebuilt Jedi order.. That would be good..

No more Han Solo (unless its animated) because Harrison Ford IS solo and ford is too old and there would be nothing interesting about an old solo...

No more Carrie Fisher, unless she plays a role similar to what Hamil would become, which would be an older sage Jedi type.

Im praying Disney doesnt ruin it.. The prequel movies werent the best, but I always loved the story line with the emperor and Anakin. Hayden what his face sucked in the movies, so we didnt get a good chance to watch Anakin turn.. I like animated series because Anakin's character is done much better, and they explore alot of things that werent covered in the movies.
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