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Default Re: Anyone ever watch The Shield?

Originally Posted by guy
I didn't really think so. From an aggregate point of view, yes its highly unlikely that he would get away every time but thats how all shows are. Not much different then Omar walking around the streets all day every day with a shotgun. There wasn't any instance though where he got away and it wasn't believable. The only thing I would say is the whole immunity thing. Can someone seriously get immunity even from killing a cop?

True that makes sense... Just when Vic would do stuff like locking those two drug dealers in that dumpster over night and having them fight it out to the death for turf just seemed like something that would never happen.. and the whole robbing the Armenias like that what cop would be able to do that and get a group of cops to do it too and not get caught..

True not much different from Omar though. I often thought in those scenes where he would rob the stash house and he would turn he back to the door and the guys inside would open the window and drop the stash out of it for me.. made no sense he wasn't even looking they could have easily shot and killed him right there. i always hated that scene because it just seemed so dumb
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