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Default Re: Knife, 3-foot lead pipe, or pistol with 1 bullet?

Originally Posted by ballup
Are there more conditions to this scenario? How far apart do you start? Who are the other two guys? Do the other two guys know the conditions of the deathmatch or are they left blind about it?


All three of you have the same knowledge. The other two guys are random strangers, with the same size/build as you (as for mentality, it's an unknown in this scenario).

As for how far apart are you guys at the start, my preference would be all three will be equidistant, though I guess a square makes this ideal. Since it's 50x50 feet, I guess you'll be at least 25 feet from each other to start (let's say each of you is exactly 25 feet from the other two for simplicity, centered around the middle of the caged area).
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