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Default Re: How old do you think you can carry on playing basketball til?

Originally Posted by stevieming
Been thinking about this, it's been my number 1 sport for the last 18 years, but as a guard and getting slower and less explosive, I've been thinking about how long I got left before I become totally rubbish....well to the level where you're like so annoyed with what you use to be able to do and what you can't do at all.

I've noticed I can't drive as well; can't shoot as well at the end of games as legs have gone; lateral quickness disappearing - very annoying as people I use to lock up 2-3 years ago are just walking by me now, I have to body check them rather than just play D.

At what age did you realise it's time to hang it up?

are u serious??? if obama can still play im sure u can homie.....ive played againts guys nearly twice my 25...yes the quickness leaves...but the older u get the better your jumper should get and u should have a higher bball iq.....meaning....knowing how to set screens and getting yoself open without having the ball...i think u can play forever.....its not
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