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Default Re: Anyone ever watch The Shield?

Originally Posted by Legend of Josh
Why is it called "The Shield" ? ... LOL, IDK, 100% of the time when I hear the word shield being used I think of a rubber to protect me from that HIV shit, because frankly, shields haven't technically or physically been used since what, the King Author-ish era? Fuck a shield, and fuck a condom. Me and my soon to be wife about 11 months ago decided to leave the shield off of my "shining armor" for the night, and the result was a magical conception. On January 3rd of 2013 my soon to be spouse an I had a son. His name is Legend. When the time comes, we'll have that birds and the bees conversation, and I'll educate the boy on "the shield" and it sure as fuck won't be about some POS television show.

That was the worst attempt at humor ever. That could be the opening paragraph in a book entitled "how not to be funny but instead come off as a douche".
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