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Default Re: Anyone ever watch The Shield?

Originally Posted by niko
That was the worst attempt at humor ever. That could be the opening paragraph in a book entitled "how not to be funny but instead come off as a douche".

LOL, Jesus man, lighten up. Far too often posters like you, instead of just ignoring something stupid like my post(s) you have to pretend like you have a stick up your ass or being on your period responding with a typical "" remark. It's just a message board, man. It's not as serious a place as you'd like to believe it is. Relax bro, relax.

ummmmm, k?

I mean, I could make some fruitless post/comment about how a poster with almost 25k posts over countless years has never once posted anything slightly humorous, clever, or even remotely intelligent, but that would be the equivalent of raking leaves on a windy day. No point. But, if it makes you feel better pointing out the obvious, then by all means, feel free to waste your time.

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