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Default Re: How come conspiracy theorists aren't jumping on this meteor thing?

Originally Posted by niko
The video wasn't clear, the impact spot looks ridiculously small (it made a small hole in the ice?) a similar object was spotted in California, it came the same day scientists said an asteroid was harmlessly passing by.

People make 2,079 separate connections in things that absolutely would make no sense as a conspiracy but not one of you things this might have been a misfired weapon, pieces breaking off of an asteroid, an alien attack, the US retaliating against Russia, just something. Nothing at all?
I was actually telling my coworkers (half kidding) that what if we're told it's a meteorite but it isn't?

I also think that if we lived in a different era (ancient times like 5 years ago before YouTube and cell phones everywhere) we may not have heard or known about this. But the overwhelming footage is hard to dispute. Years ago this may have been brushed off, and it would've gone down as yet another instance in which only alternative media reports and those that believe in it are nuts. The "real" media would've either ignored it, or claimed it was something else. Or how they usually do at the end of the newscast and make it seem like a joke.
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