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Default Re: How come conspiracy theorists aren't jumping on this meteor thing?

A quick look and Icke posted this:

Remember ... Remember ... Remember

'American aerospace executive Dr Carol Rosin worked in the 1970s with Dr Wernher von Braun, the German rocket scientist I mentioned earlier, who was employed by NASA after the Second World War.

She said that he told her when he knew he was dying of cancer that there was a plan to introduce a series of fake enemies to justify the weaponisation of space (and a lot more, in truth).

They would be, in order: the Soviet Union; terrorists; Third World country 'crazies' - 'countries of concern' in current parlance; asteroids; and the last one would be a threat of an 'alien' invasion. Von Braun told her not to believe any of this when it happened because it would all be a lie and a hoax.'

A quick search proved she is legit.
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