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Default Re: Atheism vs. Theism

Originally Posted by Legend of Josh
How is what you bold'd from me something "you thought wrong" (meaning me being wrong) ?

what i bolded is something that "you thought wrong" because the part that was bolded says "I think we can all agree that....." and i dont agree with you. it doesnt look like anybody agrees with you.

Originally Posted by Legend of Josh
Atheists have the chip on their shoulder. IMO, much more than those who belong to a religious organization.

I mean come on dude, just admit so many atheists await for any and all opportunities to jump into a religious conversation (be it RL or here on the internet) and engage in a negative way. Atheists are way more quick to blast religious people with harsh insults and belittling smug remarks right from the very beginning of any such discussion.

Different people, different experiences I suppose.

im not admitting something that is not true. if you want to discuss generalizations based on internet experiences then you should just admit that all catholics are child molestors (or child molestor enablers at best)

the fact that you argue with atheists on the internet, the fact that atheists hit you with "harsh insults and belitting smug remarks" (lmao) does not mean that atheists have a chip on their shoulder, and it doesnt mean they are "angry"

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