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Default Fact: An Atheists Ultimate Desire is to be like God!

Because in order for you to know there is no God you would have to be everywhere in the known universe simultaneously to verify God wasn't existent anywhere (omnipresence), then you"d need all knowledge to know if God did not exist in any of the 6 curled dimensions we cannot see with the naked eye. (Omniscience)

Or here is a practical example without Quantum Physics...

In order for me to declare there is no gold in China I'd physically have to be everywhere simultaneously in China to be able to verify there was no gold anywhere in China. However, to be able to say that gold exists in China I just need to be in one place at one time and see one piece of gold.

Declaring the negative position takes absurdly more faith (blind) than declaring the affirmative. Even Bertrand Russell figured this out and abruptly changed his stance to Agnostic.
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