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Default Re: Trades,Free Agency, Draft Thread

Originally Posted by franchize
I cant for the life of me understand why Tyrus Thomas hasn't been amnestied. He's getting 9 mill per for 3 more years

He's like the poster child for it. Gordon has this year and a player option for next year for 13 mil. We'd have to let go Amare of Tyson to get him
Amnestying him means they still have to pay him, no way cheapskate Jordan does that.

They dont have a high salary, and with the new rules, they have to maintain a certain salary floor as a team.

He's ironically helpoing them in that respect.

The only reason why Ben Gordon is on the block is because he is disruptive.

I'd bet Jordan would take an Amare of Ben Gordon/Tyrus swap.

He'd actually save a few dollars in the beginning.
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