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Default Re: Fact: An Atheists Ultimate Desire is to be like God!

Originally Posted by Bladers
An Atheists Ultimate Desire is to be like God!
ANY sensible person's desire is to be like god, or the son of god, or whatever idea works for the unique person that you are.

getting lost in semantics is a trap that you and many other people have fallen in to. the usual reason is because the person's sense of security can only tolerate so much expansion of the mind. for you, there must be an "us" and "them," "man" and "god," "belief" and "non-belief," "successful people" and "non-successful people."

any person who really wants to grow in these areas must work hard and persistently across the years of their life. a key part of the process includes being able to glimpse one's blind spots, and then understand them, and then apply the antidotes and reprogram one's self. it's a process, and a hard one at that, and there are not enough teachers to go around.

but hopefully you will grow past this phase, bladers. and certainly, we ALL have a next phase that life challenges us with. it's the never-ending journey for us brilliant, ferocious animals cursed with self-consciousness....
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