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Default Re: How old do you think you can carry on playing basketball til?

probably phrased question wrong. In that physically, of course you can carry on playing until you're 50. What I was trying to get at was the drop off in physical ability, so much so you start not to enjoy the game as much.

Just standing around and getting to a spot for a jump shot isn't fun for me. I get more enjoyment out of beating my man off the dribble and going in for a drive. Which isn't happening too often these days, and when I do get there, I'm getting my shot blocked or throwing an ugly shot off the rim/backboard because I am coming down to earth too quickly.

To be fair, my passing game has improved now that I don't try to score so much. Always could pass but didn't want to, now I find I can impact a game more by passing. And I am enjoying getting assists but I just miss being able to knife through and score whenever I wanted to...

Anyone packed it in because of that?
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