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Default Re: Dominating a game without scoring

Originally Posted by Psileas
A bit boring to list 400 Bill Russell games,

Yeah. I know. Russell is basically the poster child for this thread. Russell even dominated a game before the game was played.

"Bill Russell was so special that he had a direct effect on a playoff series before he ever played a game. In the spring of 1957, the Celtics were scheduled to play the Syracuse Nationals in a first-round, best-of-five affair. The day before the series began, Syracuse coach Paul Seymour made a startling announcement. Starting center Johnny Kerr, a very good ballplayer, would be coming off the bench. It seems that Russell had given him a very hard time during the season."

Im just not going to start out giving Russell an advantage, Seymour reasoned.

Originally Posted by Psileas
so, I'll list a completely dominant game by Wilt in 1972:

3 points, 31 rebounds, 10 assists, 12 blocked shots.

I would like to find out more about Wilt's 1972 season. I've heard various respectable and knowledgeable people say that they felt he deserved the MVP that season.
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