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Default Re: How old do you think you can carry on playing basketball til?

Originally Posted by stevieming
probably phrased question wrong. In that physically, of course you can carry on playing until you're 50. What I was trying to get at was the drop off in physical ability, so much so you start not to enjoy the game as much.

Just standing around and getting to a spot for a jump shot isn't fun for me. I get more enjoyment out of beating my man off the dribble and going in for a drive. Which isn't happening too often these days, and when I do get there, I'm getting my shot blocked or throwing an ugly shot off the rim/backboard because I am coming down to earth too quickly.

To be fair, my passing game has improved now that I don't try to score so much. Always could pass but didn't want to, now I find I can impact a game more by passing. And I am enjoying getting assists but I just miss being able to knife through and score whenever I wanted to...

Anyone packed it in because of that?

karmas a bitch!! " always could pass but didnt want" lol now look at u...u got no choice but to pass the damn rock cuz ya ass too slow.lmao...mane look u making a big deal out of nothing....u think kobe,mj etc gone be able to play at they mvp level at an older age???what make u so special...its just life...learn how to adapt your game...get a post game.....become a greaT spot up shooter...the game is all about gettin matter how u get them...just get BUCKETS. stop actin like the best to ever play the game or summin....ADAPT YOUR GAME.
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