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Default Re: Kobe Bryant Is An Insecure Loser

Originally Posted by andgar923

Handchecking doesn't work?

Kobe is clearly hand checking him (a form of at least) him the entire time. Otherwise he blows by him.

Butů butů hand checking wouldn't work on Bron?

YOu can see Kobe not just hand checking him, but also lock his arm as he's dribbling.

If old man Kobe who has been awful defensively all year could give Lebron so much trouble just by being physical and handchecking, just imagine how rough of a time Bron would have playing against a prime Rodman or Pippen.

Originally Posted by NumberSix
Kobe is a snitch too. Real talk.

Dawg, you're preaching to the choir. What is your point?
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