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Default Re: Why is Michael Jordan considered an A-Hole off the court?

Originally Posted by Blingster
Lemme play devils advocate..

You are the best basketball in the world. You are known world wide, one of the most marketable faces in the world.

Everywhere you go, everything you do, everything you say is under a microscope. Whenever you are not in a controlled environment such as your business (restaurants, car dealerships, ect) every and their second brothers cousin wants to talk to you.. Jordan is now 50 years old. For 30 years he has had to deal with this type of celebrity status.

Now; I know some will say that he has done this for so long. he should be used to it by now. At what point is it ok to say enough? I think back to the Eminem song " I can't take a shit in bathroom with out someone standing by it" This is true to the nth degree. Give the guy some slack.

Let this be a lesson to all the kiddos..

Don't try to meet your idols! chances are they are assholes, they will totally ruin your perception of them. In my case, Allen Iverson .

I'm not saying that it's ok to be this way, but I understand.


Maybe it is normal to act this way if you are a huge celebrity who is constantly harrased.

So the best way to judge him is to compare him to other celebs. And I don't here this stuff about Magic or Bird...or Jerry Rice or Barry Sanders...or Will Smith or Tom Cruise.
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