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Default Re: According to Lil Wayne, he slept with Chris Bosh's wife

1. Could he have slept with his wife? Possible but I wouldnt bet on it. He took the easiest route to go when insulting a player rather than target Wade or Brons.

2. Lil Wayne taking it to the street is funny. First you're 5'5 121.5lbs, you are not putting hands on anyone besides a female. Any physical altercation you attempt to get in will be involved with security that look like f*cking NFL linebackers paid by your "daddy". Second you not shooting a damn thing. Never shot anyone never will...correction besides shooting yourself as a teenager. Good job, good effort there.

3. You're from N.O, why are you on the Heat nutsac? Cheer for the Hornets. Why do you feel Bron owes you anything? Acknowledge you for who for what? Idiot.
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