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Default Re: Kevin Durant vs George Gervin

Originally Posted by KG215
Everything else you posted I agree with, and don't even disagree with the bold. But you're making it sound like Durant doesn't or isn't capable of playing off the ball and scoring in catch and shoot situations. One thing that I think makes him different than someone like Kobe or LeBron is that he's such a good scorer while playing off the ball so much. Granted his usage has gone up this year, but he's still shown to be an extremely good off-ball player/scorer.

I didn't mean it to sound like that. Durant has great off the ball movement. And he is pretty good catch and shoot player. And I agree with you on the playing off the ball. I meant to just compare the footwork in the post and Gervin used to score differently in the post than Durant.

What I meant to put out is that the way Durant and Gervin used scored is different to me. Different styles from what I watched.
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