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Default Re: How old do you think you can carry on playing basketball til?

Originally Posted by Rake2204
I'd be curious to know your age.

I've been thinking about the end of my athletic prime for most of the last 10 years. I'm 28 now, but when I graduated high school, I kind of thought I'd be heading athletically down hill right then. Of course, I soon realized I actually hadn't yet reached my athletic peak.

Now, assuming I've peaked, I'm kind of wondering how things are going to go from here. Like, when's it going to start heading downward and how? I was jumping as high as ever this past summer, but I think I was dunking in games a little less than I used to. I'm wondering if that's a reflection of my endurance slacking due to age or because I didn't train as hard.

I've been fearing not being able to dunk or chasedown block folk for a long time. Thankfully, I think knowing my time was limited in being able to do things like that, I did not take them for granted. I enjoyed my athletic prime. And to be clear, my basketball skills go well beyond dunking, blocking, and general athleticism, but there's no denying that athleticism enhances most of those on-court abilities.

If it helps at all, one of my friends just turned 40 and he's still an elite, minor league level player. He works very hard to maintain his shape and abilities though. He's around 6'0'' and used to be a fringe dunker. I recall him trying to dunk (and often succeeding) during our practices in the late 90's (he was an assistant coach). He doesn't try to dunk anymore, but he still seems pretty darn athletic and whatnot. Practicing with his minor league team, he says the biggest difference between him now and younger him is his defensive stamina. He can still operate in every other facet, but he said it was tough keeping the young guards in front of him.

I think aging past prime is a tough transition for any athlete who prides themselves in their abilities. I also like to think it's something many struggle with for a while, but then slowly embrace over time. I'm guessing the initial drop is the worst, the "I thought I was going to dunk that but now my body will not let me and now everyone feels bad for the guy who hasn't realized what he can't do anymore" phase. I figure it comes down to coming to terms with who your older self becomes as a basketball player. Embrace it.

I am 34. And the realisation of the drop off was during a fast break with a ball thrown ahead of me, I was slightly ahead of the defender and he sped past me to get the ball back for his team. This was a guy I out raced a few years back consistently, that really depressed me.

I have a right crossover hesitation move that use to be unstoppable, now it's useless.....

Man, at 28 you're still in your peak!!! Enjoy it!

Age 40 and still playing well!! Thats what I wanted to hear!

Going to hit the gym harder to try and keep what little athleticism I have left.
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