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Default Re: ISH Gaming Diary Thread

Ok, I had been playing Final Fantasy 13 off and on for about a year and a half (thanks NBA 2k11-12), and decided it was finally time to wrap things up, going into Final Fantasy 13-2. I am SOOO glad I did it this way, because it makes the games feel like an overall "Whole" and not separate games. Plus it helps me to not constantly compare one game against the other.

While Final Fantasy13 deals with a threat to a world, and the need to stop it by a group of people, FF13-2 deals with the consequences of stopping and/or NOT stopping the events of FF13 from happening and the aftermath, via Time Travel.

They both have their pluses and minuses, but I will say, having jumped back on the horse with these games, I've actually been enjoying myself. Having a fast paced battle system has helped me enjoy these games a LOT more than I ever did the Late 90s-early 2000s Final Fantasies.
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