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Default Re: Bargnani Trade Rumor Thread

Originally Posted by bokes15
I don't want to acquire anyone who's gonna take more minutes from Ross. Only way I want a guard back is if it's an actual backup point.

The way I see it is that unless Anderson is involved in the trade no matter who comes in Ross will still be stuck with limited minutes. Even though he is our best wing off the bench currently. So with that said, assuming Anderson doesn't get traded I don't really care if we pick up another wing on an expiring contract or one that expires next year. Yes they may take the limited minutes Ross is already getting but if he isn't going to get those minutes anyways we might as well pull a trade off to get rid of Bargnani for some cap relief.

I would however prefer a backup PG, and would like to see Anderson/Klezia/Fields involved in a trade with Bargnani clearing up some minutes for Ross off the bench while either getting rid of the chucker in Anderson or at least shedding a bad contract in Klezia or Fields.
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