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Default Re: NBA 2K13 'MY TEAM MODE' Discussion

Bump. I started playing it last week and enjoyed it for a few days. As I advanced in the seeding, I began encountering more and more people who bought their players, so there were teams like the following:

C- Dwight Howard
PF- Blake Griffin
SF- LeBron James
SG- Kobe Bryant
PG- Chris Paul

With a bunch of star players, like DWade, Brandon Jennings, Chris Bosh, Monta Ellis, etc., all on the bench.

Needless to say, it became unfair and ultimately boring to play. Only took 3-4 days to go from great to "don't-feel-like-touching-this-again."

And to make matters worse, whenever I'd encounter one of these guys with super teams and I actually started winning, by the 4th quarter, they'd pull b.s. like pausing the game and waiting until the final second before they're forced to forfeit before un-pausing the game, calling numerous 60 second timeouts with just a couple minutes left in the game with me obviously about to pull a W, and there was one bitch who kept pausing the game and playing replays over and over again because he knew my 20 point lead in the 4th quarter with 1 minute to go was insurmountable.

Oh, and don't let me forget about all the frikkin' 3-pt chuckers. I played against one guy who did nothing but chuck 3's all game. He hit maybe 15 out of 47 throughout the game.
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