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Default Re: Hitler plans a thread attack against Pauk (Kobetard edition)

Originally Posted by steve franchise
There is absolutely something wrong with typing several essays over a block made during an all star game. It reeks of butt-hurtitis. How do you not understand this?

I write "essays" on all subjects if you know me around here, i type very fast and happen to be thorough in my assumptions... and thats what i expect from all posters here, to explain themselves very well.... Some dont like to read and some just aint articulate... its hard to co-exist...

..and again, that was 9 or more posts over a span of the entire day i used to discuss & reply with various posters.... he randomly copy/pasted into one, if i really did post all that in one post then i would say that makes me look kindof butthurt indeed...

See how unnecessarily long this post became? Oh my.... lets make a thread about it!
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