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Default Re: PREDICTIONS: 10 game stretch after the All-Star break

I do think Woodson is stubborn and I dont think he's given some players on the bench an opportunity to fail or succeed. Woody is doing what he thinks is best to win games and not lose too much playoff position. Nothing anyone here or elsewhere says is better or worse than what the coach is doing. With that said its not Woddy's fault the Knicks have 2 healthy bigs. Some of the players that some of you counted on to be great isnt as good as you all believed. Thats where the problem stems from a lot. Its Grunwald's fault that the Knicks has a limited big situation and a KRUSTY bench.

I hope Sheed and Camby comes back eventually. If they dont return I can see .500 because they are going to play a lot of games in a short period of time.

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