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Default Re: Tony Parker 2012-2013 MVP

Originally Posted by SCdac
I watch nearly every Spurs game and I just don't see it. It would be giving an MVP award basically to "best scorer on a team with the best record" which is not what the MVP is. Lebron at his peak is more than that. Shaq at his peak is more than that.

Parker's basically been playing the way he has the last 6 years, give or take a dry spell/injury ridden season. He is indeed playing excellent as of late and is very much a veteran. Best offensive player currently on the Spurs (Duncan and Manu are getting old), sure, but most valuable player in the league? Hardly. Throw Parker on the Bobcats and he's not turning that team around the way a Lebron or Durant would.

Parker's thriving in a system (largely penetrate, and kick out to shooters), but the system is not really designed for him to dominate the ball and play creation. The offensive is very sharing on the Spurs. By virtue of his position Parker runs the team (and his improved greatly over the years), but Tim Duncan's usage-% is still very high (was the Spurs MVP in the first couple months), so is Ginobili's (has really great value that doesn't readily show up in stats) and give credit to the offensive awareness of Green (underrated player probably), Leonard, Splitter, Diaw, Jackson, and Neal. Basically, the team is stacked with players who can create off the dribble, for others, and for themselves. Splitter has blossomed this seaon, mostly due to more opportunity (thus far, has career high 23.7 mpg and 33 starts).

It's not the same as what Nash did for the Suns (averaging 11+ assists) or what Rose did for the Bulls a couple years ago. Derrick Rose averaged 25 and 7.7 and 37+ mpg for a really slow team that only scored 98.6 ppg. The Spurs on the other hand average 104+ ppg and their bench leads the league in assists (10.5 apg), and have a coach who can win games without his best players.

If the season ended now, Parker would be the first MVP in history to average only 32.9 minutes a game.

Your basketball points, about how the system works and how players are utilized, how established it is, are all right. Also, Parker is simply not as good as some players and isn't going to just turn a team around.

But TMT is right and you're wrong. He was a top 5 player last year and a top 5 player this year, based on the season. He's not the MVP but there's no comparing these last two seasons to the four before it. It's not even close and a ridiculous statement. Not even the 08/09 season. His level of play these last two seasons have been noticeably better. There is a true system in place, but he runs it and he executes it. His level of play in doing so is elite these last two seasons. To the point that he isn't just having great seasons, but he looks like a different player.

James and Durant have been better, each of the last two seasons. I think Parker was the 3rd best player of the regular season last year. He's probably that this season. Melo has a shout and Paul really doesn't, but I'm not arguing that anymore. MVP candidate, as in one of the highest vote-getters outside of the winner, he is.

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