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Default Re: Tony Parker 2012-2013 MVP

Originally Posted by Whoah10115
Your basketball points, about how the system works and how players are utilized, how established it is, are all right. Also, Parker is simply not as good as some players and isn't going to just turn a team around.

But TMT is right and you're wrong. He was a top 5 player last year and a top 5 player this year, based on the season. He's not the MVP but there's no comparing these last two seasons to the four before it. It's not even close and a ridiculous statement. Not even the 08/09 season. His level of play these last two seasons have been noticeably better. There is a true system in place, but he runs it and he executes it. His level of play in doing so is elite these last two seasons. To the point that he isn't just having great seasons, but he looks like a different player.

James and Durant have been better, each of the last two seasons. I think Parker was the 3rd best player of the regular season last year. He's probably that this season. Melo has a shout and Paul really doesn't, but I'm not arguing that anymore. MVP candidate, as in one of the highest vote-getters outside of the winner, he is.

You have to understand though, (let's assume Parker is the "third best player this season" which not sure if I agree with) being ranked behind only a couple of other greater players doesn't necessarily mean... he's right behind them.

Basically I'd have it like this (again going under said assumption of Parker being #3):

1) Lebron
2) Durant
3) Parker, and others

Can you see how being "third best" is somewhat of a misleading statement?

I think you're too caught up in stats, how they rank a player, and what fluctuation from season to season generally implicates. Parker only looks like a "different player" in that he's more experienced now, more confident (not afraid to take a clutch shot), and has mastered the PG position in the Spurs' system (been running it for years). But really, he's not an out of this world franchise player and that's kind of what MVP is. Parker hasn't grown into an exponentially better player than he's been the last 6 years, despite become more seasoned and experienced. He's having a really efficient season (not uncommon for him), but I would take a less efficient Irving or Rose on the Spurs if given the choice. In a heartbeat.

No doubt he's having one of his best seasons in the last couple years, but the impact is not so black/white considering the Spurs won 50 games last season (lockout shortened), 61 games before that, while Parker put up 17-18 ppg, not to mention all the other previous success. The Spurs play faster than they used to (suits Parker and increases his numbers) and ever since picking up Stephen Jackson and Boris Diaw have been arguably the deepest team in the league (more options = more assists).

I can see the argument for MVP of the Spurs, but not a legit one for MVP of the league. Merely being a candidate does not equate to being a serious contender.
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