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Default Re: Tony Parker 2012-2013 MVP

Originally Posted by Whoah10115
Well, like I said, there are players who are straight up better. Paul and Bryant are still, definitely, better players. Howard is still a better player. And on and on.

I don't think Parker is a top 10 player, but he's been great over the last two seasons. And I think that the other two are clearly above him.

As far as what stats mean to me and fluctuating season to season...there isn't a single person who that applies less to than me. I hold out on guys.

Parker is leaps and bounds better than he was two years ago. Mastering the PG position says it all. I already said that he isn't someone who's going to change a team, but he's playing like a franchise player.

There could be no argument for Spurs MVP.

I would love to see your top 10 players. IMO saying hes not a top is really underrating Parker.. I guess you would take harden over him?
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