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Default Re: Official Pro Wrestling Thread

Originally Posted by CelticBaller
That doesn't necessarily spell his demise, if WWE it's really invested into his character they may not do anything like they did with Punk

If you're referring to punk striking the fan that's a little different.

Punk had been WWE champ for a year, was carrying the company and acted in self defense against who he though punched him.

IMO there isn't anything wrong with toking up, but don't be a dumbass and drive drunk with bud in the car.

Besides, they've gotta be able to rely on these guys to perform night in and night out he needs to be dependable.

Wwe wont book main events for a guy who may or not land himself in jail at any given time by doing things that could land him in trouble.

This is 90s where functioning drug addicts are the top guys of the company.

Shawn michaels is considered one of the biggest drug adicts in the history of the sport & was the top guy for YEARS. Imagine him in today's WWE, he'd be jobbing out while the Mountie main evented wrestlemania

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