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Default Re: Woj: T-Rob to Rockets

Originally Posted by andremiller07
No one is going to keep Cousins in check, if the organisation and coach are not strong enough to control him they are better moving him (which I would not want to happend). They should have moved Jason Thompson or Chuck Hayes, T-Rob played awesome next to Cousins and hes a insane athlete.

Horrible horrible trade, Cole Alridge is one of the worse players in the NBA, Tony Douglas is our 5th PG and Morris is not even better than all the trash we have @SF in Salmons. Typical Kings get raped on the court so why not get raped off it to. Houston got a epic pick up for basically trading away below average players.

You don't have Morris, he got traded to Phoenix in a different trade. All the Kings have is Patterson, Douglas and Cole.
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