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Default Re: Bargnani Trade Rumor Thread

Originally Posted by RaininThrees
I have one thing to say about this:

BC seems to imply that maybe AB would benefit from not being the #1 scoring option on the team. Were his collars done up too tight from 2006-2009? Maybe they were up too high and were covering his eyes during games.

All evidence suggests that Bargs wilts like a delicate flower when he's not the #1 option. Both during 06-09 and now that he's coming off the bench.

I mean, I understand BC is trying desperately to build trade value for the guy, but.... just bite the bullet and amnesty him. Enough of it. Ridding the team of his presence on the court and contract is value in and of itself.

Edit: More than one thing to say?

Yeah... Bargnani is basically playing like we all thought he would coming off the bench based on his first few years. Now the cat's out of the bag for the league and I can't imagine that 29 more games like this are going to help. I just hope the new ownership group is willing to amnesty him if no deal presents itself even in the summer.

If BC hopes to get more than a one year extension we need to make the playoffs next year. In order to make the playoffs we can't spend 10 mill on an all 0 stat machine. It's not that complex a decision.
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