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Default Re: Buying a new phone, keep it real with me.

Originally Posted by andgar923
You also missed out on one big detail…

He has the iPhone 3 not the 4 nor the 4S. If he had the 4s then yeah you may have a legit case (although I can make a good argument as to why he can update ) but going from a 3 to a 5 is a HUGE update.

In regards to the Droid vs iOS platform….

The Droid platform has always had some good features, features that I wish iOS would implement, but they were often half baked. More importantly the shit was l a g g y. it doesn't bother some, but it sure as hell annoyed me. I must confess, Google has done a better job with their latest release, almost identical to iOS' smoothness and fluidity.

But the no.1 reason why I stay iOS is their entire ecosystem and APPS.

Nothing really beats that.

I can list other reasons but these are the biggest ones. I contemplated on getting a Droid phone a few times very hard. Went to the kiosk and tried them out, used my friends' and coworker's to test them, and ultimately even tho they had some nice features I really liked, the apps sucked, and were limited when compared to IOS. Now granted, some people may not need as many apps, some may just get by with the basic major apps, and that's cool if it works for 'them'. Not for me tho. I scavenge the net looking for new apps, read reviews from different sources and try to stay up to date with the latest and upcoming releases, and Droid didn't offer anywhere near the same amount of beautifully polished and plentiful rad apps.

So if for some people, just having the basic phone functionalities and apps is what they need, and they use Windows, it's almost a no brainer to go with a windows phone imo. YOu get the best of both worlds.
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