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Default Re: Buying a new phone, keep it real with me.

Originally Posted by millwad
I saw that but I don't really see why anyone would choose the iPhone 5 over the S3, it's almost the same thing as as the iPhone 4 and 4s. And you won't probably agree but I have a really hard time to see any difference between the 4 and the 4s. And with that said, I have a really hard time seeing any major differences between the 4s and the 5 other then size so iPhone is basically selling a 2.5 year old phone with some few upgrades.

Yeah, the lag was why I bought an iPhone and I loved it and I still like my phone ALOT. But just as you said, the new JellyBean is really smooth and a tried out the Galaxy S2 with the JB release a couple of days ago and I honestly didn't feel any difference in smoothness and fluidity which is also why I'm going back to Android next time I buy a phone.

The ecosystem is really nice but there are too few updates and too few new things that would actually make it attractive for me.

The APPS, yes, I prefer the iOS apps but I can still find every APP important app I need on the Android market as well so I don't really care about some games.

Well, you're underrating the Android market, it has improved a lot during the last year and other then a couple of few games I don't really see a major difference.

The S3 similar to the 5? c'mon dude, that's just ignorant. I can see the argument vs the 4S and 5, but the S3???????

Haven't tried the new Jelly Bean, but the other version still lagged when compared to iOS.

Few things for iOS ecosystem? dude, they dominate the entire accessory market, you have Airplay built in to things, there's more devices that are iOS compatible than Droid, the app market comes out first and often exclusively for iOS, if you go to most places it is far more likely that they'll offer iOS compatibility >>> Droid, that's just off the top of my head. Hell even some of the Google apps are better on iOS than they are in Droid.

Whenever I go check out an app review, or announcement I notice that 8/10 times it's an App Store exclusive. Some may probably maybe come to Droid, and even then it will be late, and not supported as well (aka bad half assed app), but many more will remain for the iOS with no plans of coming to Droid.

Again, I'm an appaholic, I don't expect everybody to be like me, but the amount of times Droid users wish they could have some of the apps I have is endless. They always feel left out when they can't get certain apps, or they can't use Airplay etc.etc.

And we haven't even touched on the updates.
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