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Default Lebron+wade= 1, Jordan+pippen=6, magic+kareem=5, Kobe+pau= 2

wade = top 25-30 all time
pippen = top 20-25 all time
kareem = arguable goat
pau = top 90-100 all time


averaged 19ppg
0-12 playoff rec as 1st option
averaged only 9 rebounds as a 7 footer
4 reserve allstar games
2 all nba third teams

is currently averaging 13/8/3 on 45%fg's as a 7 foot center/power forward

as for the other 3 guys

- dwyane wade

24/5/6 career average
7 all nba teams (2 first teams)
3 all defensive teams
finals mvp
allstar mvp
9 time starting allstar

- scottie pippen

20/7/6 average from 1990-1998
16/6/5 average career
7 all nba teams (3 first teams)
10 all defensive teams ( 8 first team )
allstar mvp
7 time allstar (starting some games )

kareem abdul jabbar

24/11/3 career
15 all nba teams (10 first teams )
11 all defensive teams ( 5 first teams )
7 time mvp
2 time finals mvp
19 time allstar ( started most )

3 hall of fame legends

1 boarderline allstar for half his career. a nobody for the other half

this is why i don't care that kobe had shaq for his first 3 rings... his 3 straight finals, back 2 back titles/finals mvps with a guy like pau gasol is something nobody else has ever done in nba history

hakeem did it once ( then won in 95 with a legend )

walton did it once

barry did it once

dirk did it once ( but lately its been obvious tyson chandler as a defensive anchor was the real reason the mavs were dominant )

duncan did it once in 2003

only these guys had comparable running mates for a single title

every other big name in nba history to lead a team to a championship did it with a legendary side kick

kobe did it with a bum................TWICE
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