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Default Re: My beef with you!

knickscity: It's Melo's fault
franchize: It's Grunmwald fault
Sarcastic: It's Woody's fault
Clutch: Agree's with Franchize then Sarcastic

I think going into the season this roster was flawed. Taking into account the injuries, age, and coach this was never a 18-5 team. For everyone to get so emotional at this point that the team is playing .500 ball or slightly better was delusional. All those cast of characters that was hyping this team early in the season no longer post here but the residue of their stupidity has left this place with a tainted smell.

So to reiterate the roster was never that good their is a difference between veteran team and KRUSTY some of you got it twisted (Grummy), the person that is leading this team isnt that good although I saw how people were buying that players are being held accountable. Dont see how thats possible when people are not getting benched or time isnt being taken away its just words. Not much of an X's and O's guy anyways (Woody), the team follows Melo's lead. I dont think he's playing at the same consistent level as a team player from the beginning of the season to now. This balls down to his teammates can not be trusted to do anything and perform. This is where I think things gets tough for him he thinks he has to score more to make up for their flaws instead of trying to make them better. How can he do that? Thats what a real leader finds out.

I say all this only to curb the panic because too many fans put too high of expectations on the team. The hot start gave the Knicks a little cushion in the wins and lost column. This team needs time to either get Wallace/Camby back or Grummy to find replacement bigs. This team can not play normal sized with only Chandler and Stat. From their its about finding the right chemistry and rotation. Woody is putting his trust in the core guys to find their way no over coaching with a super veteran team thats how its done whether we like it or not.

I am waiting for March/return of Camby or Wallace/or 2 new bigs. Its going to take some time though fellas. We will find out soon enough what this team is going to be.
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