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Default Re: Lebron+wade= 1, Jordan+pippen=6, magic+kareem=5, Kobe+pau= 2

Originally Posted by kennethgriffin
i know everyone needs help

kobe just needed allot less than 90% of finals mvps

ofcourse if you take off your 2nd best player itel be hard to win

just saying kobes second best player for 2 straight titles was PAU GASOFT

lakers might be one of the only teams in history to win a title with ZERO interior defense

You say the dumbest shit. How did the Lakers have no interior defense? Gasol may not be an anchor, but he still played solid defense and through both of the Lakers championships, Lamar Odom was clearly their best defensive player and he played defense INSIDE. The laker's sure as hell weren't rated so high defensively those two season because of Kobe Bryant that's for sure.
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