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Default Re: Prime Kevin Garnett vs Prime Kobe Bryant ?

Originally Posted by sundizz
Sure, that team would have the best regular season record. I'll take a young buck Kobe, and MVP candidate era Jason Kidd and some serviceable players over them in a playoff series though. Last 5 minutes of the 4th quarter Shaq still needs a true dribbling closer to get him over the hump. He'll do the heavy lifting for 9/10th of the time, but he needs the right 1/10th player, and that is not Garnett!
You're right about Shaq needing closers, but Kobe would not work with another ball-dominant player. Especially JKidd who couldn't be a spot-up shooter at the time.

If I were to draft Garnett or Kobe right now, knowing how their careers will pan out, I take the rarer talent in Garnett 10/10. Not saying prime Kobe is easily replacable, but a scorer wing is MUCH easier to find than a ~22/13/5 sf/pf/c 7 footer who is an elite defender in today's game.
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