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Default my top-5 players at each position


1. Rodgers
2. Brady
3. Manning
4. Brees
5. Roethlisberger

(too early to put any rookies on this list, the #5 is the only spot that is up for question, if your top 4 aren't those top 4 it's wrong)


1. Peterson
2. Lynch
3. Charles
4. Foster
5. Spiller

(after Peterson this list is difficult, I had to leave off MJD and Rice. I have a feeling that Spiller will emerge strong next year)


1. C. Johnson
2. Marshall
3. Green
4. A. Johnson
5. Fitzgerald

(I almost left off Fitz for Vincent...couldn't do it though, Fitz has earned enough respect to look past an off year with horrid QBing)


1. Rob Gronkowski
2. Jason Witten
3. Jimmy Graham
4. Tony Gonzalez
5. Heath Miller

(couldn't get Jermaine Gresham in there, look for him next year to make a big name for himself)


1. Ryan Clady
2. Russell Okung
3. Joe Thomas
4. Trent Williams
5. Tyron Smith

(this was difficult, a lot of this is based on sacks allowed this past year along with reputation from previous years, should be noted that Clady only gave up one sack this past year, and he played all 16 games, he is the best in biz IMO)


1. Geno Atkins
2. Gerald McCoy
3. Haloti Ngata
4. Ndamukong Suh
5. Justin Smith

(Ngata and Smith were more DT this year than DE)


1. JJ Watt
2. Jared Allen
3. Cameron Wake
4. Chris Long
5. Charles Johnson

(Peppers and Chris Clemons just missed the cut)


1. Von Miller
2. DeMarcus Ware
3. Clay Matthews
4. Terrell Suggs
5. Aldon Smith

(Holy shit, I knew Spencer stepped up a ton but I didn't realize just how much, he is a top-5 OLB now)


1. Patrick Willis
2. NaVorro Bowman
3. James Laurinaitis
4. Jarod Mayo
5. Daryl Washington

(SF has the top-2 in the game)


1. Dashon Goldson
2. Earl Thomas
3. Ed Reed
4. Thomas DeCoud
5. Donte Whitner

(damn, this was the hardest of all the positions to rank, there just aren't many good safeties left in the league, I think of all the positions in the NFL, this one lacks the most talent right now)


1. Darrelle Revis
2. Patrick Peterson
3. Richard Sherman
4. Johnathan Joseph
5. Tim Jennings

(this was difficult as well, wanted to fit Cromartie in here because he had such a great year, the days of Nnamdi being "elite" or over though)

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